The arrival of the goat babies has overshadowed any other news on the farm the last few weeks. They are Isn’t there a saying, more fun than a box of kittens ?” Well, twin goat kids are way more fun than a box of kittens. Maybe as much fun as two boxes of kittens! (I’m hilarious, I know.)

We ran a contest on Insta this week to help figure out names for the kids. We got some great suggestions! I had wanted them to both have 4-letter names to match the cats’ and Hank and Coco’s names, and people thought of some adorable ideas. My favorite was Lucy and Desi, with Totes and M’goats a close second. My friends are so clever! However, the kids had veto power on all the names, so we ended up with something much more saccarine: Today I introduce to you Oreo and S’more.


Check out our Insta for some adorable video of their first steps.  Have a great day and stop in to see us soon.


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