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Liz Soto
Liz Soto has been designing handbags since 1999. She started her business working on her own kitchen table, and eventually turned it into a large-scale enterprise. Soto always had a passion for art and, as a child, filled her parents’ home with drawings, paintings and sculptures. She has channeled her passion for creativity into her handbag designs with grace, hoping to inspire all with their cool and colorful styles.

Liz Soto loves to incorporate the inspirations of her world travels into her vision of design, be it the crowded alleys of Venice or the frenzy of Tokyo. Soto works comfortably in her studio, running her business in the bright ocean air of the west coast, while still enjoying time with her family. She successfully balances the never-ending duties of a parent with the challenge of putting her creative energy into her handbags.

Liz Soto brings to handbag design a rich sense of material and texture. She always shows the sophistication of plush textures and rich fabrics with the melding of exquisite leather styling. The unique look of Liz Soto is unmistakable for the merging of jewelry and handbag designs.

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