If you follow us on Facebook or Insta, the big news isn’t really the big news anymore, but you, my loyal blog followers (Both of you. Hi, Mom and Dad!) deserve a big reveal: VanHoveln Farm is officially a limited liability company! Woohoo! Yeah! So exciting!

Kidding, kidding. While it’s true that we’re officially registered with the state as VanHoveln Farm, LLC, and I’m very excited about that, the big news is way more fun. We’ve launched our new business as Party Animals Mobile Petting Farm. We bring the farm to you!

little girl petting baby goats

This whole idea started out as a joke. First, there was a feature in my Google feed about a woman who has goats that she rents out for parties and commercials.  She’s booked solid for months. Cool, but things happen in LA that can’t happen anywhere else in the country. A few days later, a friend of a friend asked if we could bring the baby goaties to her church’s fall festival for the kids to pet, and I felt like it was a sign. It may not make us rich, but it could be a lot of fun!

Plus, I just love my animals so much. There is nothing like sitting in the pasture watching the goats graze and the chickens scratch. Animals and their antics can be so grounding. Being out with them is the only time I truly feel at peace, and I want to share that with people who don’t have access to animals in their daily lives. Plus, who hasn’t wanted to feed baby goats or admire the silky softness of chicken feathers?

little kid in monster costume petting baby goat

Last week, we got to share our animals for the first time. We took Oreo, S’more, and Nugget to a fall festival at a church in Cedar Rapids. It was a huge success. The kids loved petting the babies, and the babies loved the treats. We got to skip trick-or-treating, and my kids still got loaded up with candy, so it was a win for everyone!

Aside from that, it’s status quo around here. The days are getting colder and the animals are getting hungrier. With the leaves nearly off the trees, they’re foraging further and further into the woods to see what they can scrounge up. Thankfully, they seem to be finding plenty. We should have good grass for the goats for a couple more months, and the chickens are loving scratching through the leaf piles for caterpillars. Treats of leftover Halloween pumpkins are welcomed by all.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print! Follow us on Insta or Facebook to find out where we’ll be taking our petting farm, or if you’re in the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Corridor, stop on in for some animal snuggles any time.

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